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BP #6: The Show “Underground” Inspired Post

One of my more recent distractions has been the show Underground. It is a great show with a good message. I like shows that I can attract a deeper meaning from. The show has much parallel with current day mentalities.   Minty is Harriet Tubman’s nickname on the show. In one of the episodes in Read More

BP #5: Thoughts of My Journey and of the Future

Another blog post coming to you! I am still contemplating how often I want to post. As of late I have failed to post as frequently as I would like but a friend actually offered a suggestion that between longer blog posts, I can share daily shorter post in the form of “daily thoughts”. I Read More

BP #4: eBay Selling and My Effort

In my attempt to be consistent I am posting another blog post. I am still not sure how often I will post. I guess I should make a commitment to post a certain number of times. However, my record with personal commitments in the past is not the best. I would rather just post as Read More

BP #3: [REVIEW] Garyvee Interview On “The Rich Roll Podcast” [Pt 2]

I am back with part 2 of Garyvee Interview with “The Rich Roll Podcast” by L.H. Lawrence review. I told myself that I will be completely honest in my blog. It has been tough to write this 3rd blog post. I started working on it on 04/21/17. In my mind I wanted to sit down Read More

BP #2: [REVIEW] Garyvee Interview On “The Rich Roll Podcast” [Pt 1]

At the end of my last post I mentioned that I would review a chapter of a book that I started with Audible by Amazon. I plan to review chapters in sequence until the book is finished. I am leaning toward reviewing Napoleon Hill’s Outwitting the Devil. It covers drifting through life. I have listened Read More