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Podcast #3: Interview with Coco’s Tea PodCast Creator Cody Short PT 1

Cody share the motivation behind her business Coco’s Tea. She uses her platform as an escapism for young adults. During this interview with Cody of Coco’s Tea she shares her journey of how she got started while navigating college life and corporate America. It is an inspiring story of how we all can use our Read More

PodCast #2: Interview with David Powell of Nightmare Projectz

This interview is with David Powell of “Nightmare Projectz.” He offered a lot of knowledge to aspiring and current entrepreneurs. This was a very encouraging and eye opening interview and I am sure you will find value¬†within it. ¬†Subscribe to my YouTube channel and Podcast “Thaddeus Talks.” Leave comments and reviews! 1 to 5 stars Read More

#1 Introduction Podcast

Enjoy listening. I hope I make sense. If not, hopefully I will make more sense in the future as I continue to post. My intentions are to be as raw and as uncut as possible. I don’t want to get too caught up in the editing to make things perfect. In the future I will Read More